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How Can You Reduce The Costs Of A Major Auto Repair?

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Getting your car diagnosed with a major repair need is something that you probably need some time to budget for. After all, not many people have a spare $5,000 in their checking account. It may be possible to reduce the costs of a major repair; read on to find out how.

Consider Incremental Repairs

Are you sure your car really needs that major repair right now, or is that more of a preventative measure? Mechanics will usually suggest that you fix a car outright if a smaller repair will only give way to a larger repair down the road. But if you really need the car to run right now, but you can't afford the repair, you could see if there are any smaller repairs that would hold the car over for now. That will give you more time to get your finances in order and make room for an auto repair bill.

Get Used Auto Parts

You can reduce some of your costs right away by getting used auto parts. They should be from a reliable dealer who purchases and sells lightly used auto parts. They should come with some sort of guarantee. It's best if you can inspect the parts before they go onto your car; if not, at least have the mechanic check on their quality when they arrive at the shop. For more information, talk to a professional at businesses like Goodfellow Motors Inc.

Shop Around for Multiple Quotes

The other major portion of your repair bill will come from the labor costs. You can call some shops and get an estimate for their hourly labor billing rates. When you find an affordable shop with a reliable reputation, that is a winning situation.

Ask About Payment Plans

A payment plan will alleviate some of the burden of coming up with a large chunk of money from the outset of the repair. Some shops are able to finance your repairs for you, especially when it's a major bill.

Consider Financing Options

Again, this is more a way of reducing the upfront costs to you when you have a major repair need. Sometimes, your credit card company will raise the limits on your credit card if you can show that the purchase is a responsible addition to your credit card bill, such as a necessary car repair or a health care bill. This is one possible way to get your auto repair needs taken care of upfront as you make room in your monthly expenses for an auto repair payment.