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5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

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As spring approaches, here are four auto maintenance tips to get your car ready for all the driving you'll do this spring and summer. 

#1 Wash Underneath Your Car

If you live somewhere that gets snow or ice on the roads, the roads in your area are probably treated with salt and other chemicals. When you drive, these salts and chemicals are transferred onto your car. These chemicals can cause the bottom of your vehicle to start to rust, which compromises the overall quality of your vehicle and can cut years of usable life off your vehicle.

To wash the underside of your car, take it through a car wash that includes the option to have the underside of your car washed. This is the easiest way to ensure that the bottom of your car is effectively washed and all the salt and chemicals are removed.

#2 Clean Your Floor Mats

Salt, chemicals, melted snow and ice can really wreak havoc on your floor mats. Take your floor mats out of your vehicle. Use some dish soap and warm water, and scrub down your floor mats. Then, rinse them clean with some warm water and allow your floor mats to dry naturally. This is a great way to get rid of the salt and dirt that can get smashed into your floor mats throughout the winter. This will help your floor mats last longer. 

#3 Change Your Air Filter

Next, you need to change your air filter in your vehicle. Your air filter gets clogged up with debris based on how often you drive as well as the air quality in the area where you live. It can be easy to forget to change the air filter in your vehicle as it is generally not connected to any sensors or warning lights in your vehicle. Changing out your air filter will allow your vehicle to work more smoothly and will allow you to breath cleaner air.

#4 Check Your Anti-Freeze

Fourth, spring is a great time to check your anti-freeze. When you want to get your anti-freeze checked, drive straight to the auto place. Once you get there, the mechanics may need to wait for your vehicle to cool off before checking your antifreeze. If your antifreeze levels are low, it may need to be topped off. If your antifreeze has particles or looks milky, your antifreeze may need to be drained and changed. 

#5 Check Your Tires

Finally, it is a good idea to get the pressure in your tires checked. Outside air temperature can affect the overall pressure of your tires, so it is a good idea to get the pressure in your tires checked and adjusted when the weather outside changes.